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Drawing Techniques Masterclass Artmaker

Drawing Techniques Masterclass Artmaker

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Art Maker: Drawing Techniques makes illustration as easy as lifting up a pencil! For beginners or more experienced drawing enthusiasts alike, this highly comprehensive kit explains how to achieve lifelike drawings of almost any subject! After providing a strong grounding in the basics of composition and layout and working with colour, lessons range from how to hold the pencil to drawing still life, flowers, animals, landscapes and portraits.

With everything included to start a hobby to last a lifetime inside, anyone can get ready to draw with skill and confidence, today.

• 48-page sketchbook
• 48-page instruction book
• 10 grey pencils
• 2 charcoal pencils
• 1 eraser
• 1 fineliner
• 3 torillions
• 1 pencil sharpener