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Classical Mythology Book (The Everything, 2nd Edition)

Classical Mythology Book (The Everything, 2nd Edition)

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Romance, betrayal, passion, tragedy, violence, and scandal. No, it's not the latest reality TV search for love--it's classical mythology.

For years, people have turned to the ancient Greek and Roman myths for entertaining reading, unbelievable storylines, unique characters, and unparalleled drama. This guide explains the great stories and how they still influence literature, entertainment, and everyday life. From heroes and heroines to monsters and villains, this entertaining guide covers it all. Inside, you will learn how:
• The Greeks defeated the Titans
• Odysseus tricked the Cyclops
• Hercules accomplished the twelve labors
• Peruses slew Medusa
• The Greeks bested the Trojans
• Hades abducted Persephone
• Bellerophon killed the Chimera

With an easy reference chart of the gods and goddesses and their interrelations, this action-packed book helps you bring classical mythology to life!