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Bohemian Grove Facts & Fiction

Bohemian Grove Facts & Fiction

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The secretive and strange Bohemian Grove is an elite men’s club hidden deep within a 2700-acre redwood forest in Northern California, where each July the most powerful men in the world gather for what’s called their annual Summer Encampment.

Is this mysterious meeting “just a vacation spot” for the wealthy and well-connected, or is it something more? Does it operate as an off-the-record consensus-building organization for the elite establishment? What major plans or political policies were given birth by the club? Do they really kickoff their gathering each year with a human sacrifice ritual? Is this the infamous Illuminati?

After getting his hands on some rare copies of the club’s yearbooks; obtaining an actual official membership list smuggled out by an employee; and having personally been blocked from entering the club by police—secret society expert Mark Dice uncovers The Bohemian Grove: Facts & Fiction.

By the Author of The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction

-Their History
-Symbols, Saint, and Motto
-Infiltrations and Leaks
-Cremation of Care
-Different Subcamps
-Allegations of Murder
-Hookers & Homosexuality
-Depictions in TV and Film
-And More!